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Everglades Last Run Shipbreaking Yard in Alang India



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San Diego Ca.      REUNION 2014 Photos


Washiton DC REUNION 2015 Photos


Chattanooga TN  Reeunion  2016 Photos


2017 Reunion was in Branson MO.  Photos to be posted Soon.

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Old 8MM film of the Glades in Naples & Underway December 1968

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Destroyer Tender 1951 >1970
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The USS EVERGLADES (AD-24) was named after the U.S. National Park Everglades of Florida and is the first US. Navy ship to bear that name. The keel was laid on 2 January 1945 at the Todd shipyard, San Pedro, California and completed 23 May 1946. Decommissioned August 1970 in Charleston , South Carolina. Click on Link to your left for additional details and List of Commanding Officers.



 Combined Tender Association Reunion


The Combined Tender Association next Reunion will be in

 San Antonio Tx. September 26th Through 30th


Click on Anchor for the Plan Of the Week (POW)

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We will be Staying at the Holiday-Inn on the Riverwalk

There will be River Cruise and Tours and more.

Our Hospitality Room is just out the door from the RiverWalk.

+ 3 Blocks from the Alamo

+ 4.5 Blocks to the River Center Mall

 The Inn is located on the RiverWalk 217 N. St. Mary's Street

- For Reservations Call

(210) 224-2500 Ask for CTA group rate.

Group Room rate is $124 a Night + taxes

- Full American Breakfast buffet is available $25.50 But has been discounted to $10 each            for all crew members and Guest

- Hotel is located 8 Miles or about 20 min from the Airport.

I Think the Taxi Ride would run around $25   Uber less and less than $20

We are looking for local Host to provide help & guidance

 Last Updated On 06/19/2022





The Attached Link is the Complete Association Reunion Document

This will be updated as needed The current Dates Are:  May & July 2021

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Preface by Webster Wilson Former Everglades Crew Member. {From Everglades to RazorbladesThe


Everglades is not a ship that distinguished itself by winning battles, sinking ships, or spearheading


invasions. Its claim to immortality is in the quality of the men who competently fulfilled its mission of


keeping destroyers afloat and in good repair.  For those competent men, service on the Everglades has


proved to be a high point in their naval careers, both in the quality of service they were able to provide


and in the comradeship they were all a part of, and which continues even today. Their memories are of a


job well done, of a mission fulfilled. Those who manned the Everglades were a cross-section of America


Society, except that there were no women (besides a few smuggled aboard), no felons (at least, not


many), and no geniuses (although half the crew talked as if they were, and the other half secretly knew


they were.) One characteristic we all had in common - we were all liars. We were all sailors. Some of us


excuse our lying (is that too harsh a word - maybe ?exaggerators? is better) on old age, some blame it on


a troubled youth, and some of us know that we?re psychopaths. I point out this tendency we sailors have


so that we can?t be accused (or sued) of any malice in that we put down in the following pages. Also it is


my intention to update this ?history? as new facts come to light (or are manufactured.) And, finally I?d


like to make it clear that I don?t attest to the accuracy of anything published in this web page, as most of


it was told to me by fellow crew members and started with ?this is no shxx




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From The Scrap Books of fellow shipmates:  

Denny Marble has provided one of the first Color Underway Photos of the Everglades taken as we
departed the Norfolk area.  A second was taken by the 5 inch gun. Others to Come later.

Had to Crop & Resize the Photo to Fit WEB Format, but Still very good

The Moon over  Charleston piers  taken Christmas Eve 1968 from the  helicopter deck . Note: This is ward wining Photograph

in San Matao County Art Feasible

Check out other Charleston Photos Click on  Page.
Dash Power Turn up (Drone Anti Submarine Helicopter) This was in Naples harbor, Note Naples Skyline in background. See More Click on DASH Page


Bill Smith Provided the photo obviously of himself standing by the aft 5 inch gun.

When I reported aboard in April 1968 the 5" had been removed and the FT & DASH workshop was added in 1963. The DASH hanger and flight deck was above the shops..

The Everglades AD24 in Naples Med Moored at Sunset late February 1957. Note she still has 5 inch astern and there are at least two Destroyers on her Port side. Photo taking by Carl K. Lunde from the deck of the USS John W. Weeks DD701. Thanks Carl.

If you wish to contribute please address your Photos, Sea Stories and Copies or Originals of Everglades memorabilia to

Also Please put AD-24 or Everglades in subject title.   Thanks from Gary Adams Crewmember and ships historian.